Jericho Vilar

Jericho Vilar is an illustrator currently based in Santa Ana, CA. He's been known to drop the occasional heat rock.


Already entrenched as my favorite album of the year, the aspect of “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” that entranced me the most is it’s being the complete opposite of timeless. This collection of songs is quintessentially of the moment, a 2019 record through and through.


Me & McSweeney’s Down by the Schoolyard

On 9/15/19, the following was submitted to the acclaimed literary humor site, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. On 9/20/19, a gracious and empathetic rejection email (personally written / non-boilerplate) was sent back in response, providing even further evidence why McSweeney’s is fucking awesome.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Woj Bomb

Despite all of the major shifts in the power structure of the league brought on by this offseason’s free agency period, nothing comes anywhere even remotely close to the anticipation of breaking news from the Twitter feed of the man now commonly known as “Woj.”


The Legend of Internet Tio

He’s been around a while, long before I stumbled upon him. He’s out there and has been out there doing his thing, making his bones, sowing the seeds of his legend and generally not giving even an ounce of a shit whether anyone notices or not.

His name is Shea Serrano.

Your new Internet Tio.


Anatomy of a Near Perfect Tweet According to a Shitty Tweeter

I never got Twitter. Or Instagram or Tumblr or Facebook or Snapchat or MySpace or pretty much all of social media. For a second in high school, I thought I had a pretty good grasp of Livejournal but that came and went pretty quickly.

So, what is it exactly about Twitter that I don’t get you ask?