13 Excuses I Make About Finding Stillness In My Life

Ryan Holiday has a good tweet:

And as much as I want to I find it impossible to fully embrace. Let’s go through the list:

  1. Journal: I try. Believe me. I’ve got notebooks everywhere with half started journals and stories. I even started a new one for Life in the Time of COVID and it lasted all of a week and a half before I had a bad day that the journal would have been PERFECT for but felt unmotivated to utilize and it’s been dead since.
  2. Take Walks: First I have to Find Time To Take Walks. Then I have to Take Walks.
  3. Stop Watching the News: I CAN’T I’M AN ADDICT!
  4. Read Books: This I can do. Kinda. I get that time right before bed to just sit and read and sometimes I do. Othertimes I mess around on the internet until it’s tomorrow.
  5. Put Your Phone Away: I CAN’T I’M AN ADDICT!
  6. Get Rid of Stuff: I CAN’T I’M AN ADDICT! More seriously, I’m less of a packrat than I used to be, but I still have a lot of stuff that I tell myself I’ll either use or my kids might want someday. Both are lies I tell myself to feel better about being a packrat.
  7. Seek Solitude: I’m quarantined with the family which includes a 5 year old and 2 year old. I find solitude in the bathroom and, even then, doors are viewed by the 2 year old as puzzles to be solved.
  8. Enjoy the Small Pleasures: Ok, this I can do. As long as I don’t overthink them. Like a tweet about “13 Ways To Find Stillness In Your Life.”
  9. Realize You Have Plenty: That I can do. I still want MORE but it’s usually for the kids, who already have plenty of stuff so don’t need it. But I don’t stop myself. I need to stop myself. We have plenty.
  10. Build A Routine: Did I mention I’m stuck in the house with a 5 year old and 2 year old? Oh, and both my wife and I are trying to work full-time jobs too? Would LOVE a routine. Would LOVE if the world would stick to the routine. I’m also just generally bad with routines, to me routines are a line of dominoes on a shaky table waiting for just one to inevitably fall.
  11. Pace Yourself: I’m an all out out the gate or not at all kinda guy. I view warm-ups as something to DOMINATE and then wear out.
  12. Sleep: Did I mention I have a 5 year old and 2 year old? I’ve also always been a night owl. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
  13. Zoom Out: I try, but I’m so much of an in-the-weeds guy that I’ll get distracted from the big picture and never come back.

All of these are GREAT in theory. And things I should strive for. But let’s be realistic, here. It ain’t gonna happen. But maybe it’ll help you?

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