I don’t listen to much hip hop nowadays, but when your record is plastered in art from The Nuremberg Chronicle, you can bet I’m going to pay attention. Released via Sacred Bones, and due for a March debut, Dies Occidendum promises to be a complex and brooding work that I’m really excited for if it is anything like teaser track, The Chosen One, rich as it is with taciturn beats, horror movie samples, and a wailing choir loop repeated over a simple piano movement. 

Heralded as a new era in the work of famed DJ Muggs, most notable for his rise to prominence as a member of Cypress Hill, here he has adopted the epithet of ‘the Black Goat,’ a reference harkening back to Lovecraft’s aged Outer God, Shub-Niggurath.

There seems to be that trend for a lot of extreme music artists to now have some kind of quieter output. What I like about this current track, what I hope the rest of Dies Occidendum will be like, is that it fills the void in regards to those quieter moments, it is something that carries with it the heart of extreme music but plays out in a different medium.

Outside of old school hip hop, outside of the anger I felt when I was younger, I don’t know much about the scene nowadays; there are moments of recognition, moments when I think how sad the recent passing of MF Doom was, when I consider how scary the idea of Dr. Dre now being so much visibly older, so much visibly frailer is, but for the most part I don’t understand the scene now  – and yet I get The Chosen One, I get the minimalist malevolence of it, the sparsity of its production, the tempo of its rhythm and its haunting samples. I might not know shit, but I definitely know this.

Image by DJ Muggs

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